Homemade Sweet Tea $2.00
Fresh Lemonade $2.00
Soda or Water $1.00

Gourmet Biscuit Sandwiches Lunch/Dinner


​$3.00 Small / $5.00 Large

Food Allergy & Dietary Regulated People:

We only fry in peanut oil - if you have a SEVERE NUT ALLERGY - STEP AWAY FROM THE TRUCK!

We will not be able to offer anything that is truly Gluten Free, I understand it's terrible- but we're a Biscuit Truck, there's flour everywhere! - We can omit the biscuit and offer gluten restricted for paleo people... We do have Veggie food.

Thanks Y’all

Fried Okra
Okra coins served drizzled with house sauce

Fried Pickles
Fried dill pickle chips - served with homemade buttermilk ranch

Tater Tots
Perfect potato puffs served with sriracha ketchup on the side

Mac & Cheese Deluxe
We take pasta, Spanish Chorizo, and three different cheeses - a touch of white truffle oil

then top it with salt & vinegar potato chips

House Slaw

Chopped slaw with a sriracha-ranch dressing - tangy with a touch of heat

The Deep South in Your Mouth  $8.00
Fried chicken breast, bacon "jam", pimento cheese, fried green tomato & house aioli

Ricky Bobby $8.00
Fried chicken breast, thick cut hardwood smoked bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese smothered in gravy

The Watson $8.00
14- hour-smoked pork, tangy bbq sauce, crispy fried onions, house slaw & pickles

Miss Lily $8.00
Fried chicken breast, black forest ham, imported swiss cheese, local honey - mustard and pickles

Fancy Pants $7.00
Black forest ham with imported swiss cheese, house made peach pepper jelly and truffled mustard

DSBC Club $8.00
Fried chicken breast, hardwood smoked bacon, fried green tomato and house aioli

Southern Buddha $8.00
Fried Green Tomatoes, pimento cheese, goat cheese, pickles and house made peach-pepper jelly

Biscuit & Gravy $5.00
Buttermilk biscuit smothered with rich sausage gravy or vegetarian with porcini & sage gravy

Biscuit & Jam $3.00

Fresh Hot Biscuit with butter & House made Jam or Apple Butter